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The Hijab does not cover up a girls weaknesses, but in fact displays her strength, commitment and her confidence which is built out of love for Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala, and not for the love of this dunya.
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Hijab is not just a form of dress but a way of life. It does not mean just to cover your body but to live in adherence to Islamic modesty. Contrary to popular belief, it frees believing women from limiting societal beauty standards, allowing women to gain true ownership of their identity.



The hijab is a way for every women to show her obedience to her Rabb, and what’s better then Obedience to Allah ? It’s self explanatory and does not need explanation !



We choose to wear hijab for the sake of Allah. It pleases Allah and Allah blesses us for it. It’s the freedom to choose what can be seen, and to be judged based on our inner beautiful soul. It’s a constant reminder to speak softly and kindly, to always remember Allah in all you do, and to keep us on the straight path.



The hijab means a lot for every single Muslima. For me that's a sign of purety and modesty. Every single hijab hides an wonderful woman soubhanAllah. The hijab is my Identity, that's who I Am. My inner self is more important than my appearance. Every woman is precious Allahouma barik! We are not only girls, we are queens! 



Hijab symbolises a woman's submission to her Creator as well as her connection to the faith.



Hijab is something that ads more beauty into your beauty hijab is something that Fatima zahra s.a wore it is something that our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a told us to wear it is something that is to be respected very well when you wear a hijab cover your hair then no one can look at you from bad intentions and it protects you like a shield but still ummah is disrespecting it a girl that goes to college at the home hijab is on her head in the market hijab is at the neck and in the the school it is in the bag what happened to the ummah at the day of judgement Fatima zahra s.a will say was my father's Deen so difficult that you couldn't wear hijab.



The Hijab is Beauty
The Hijab is Sophistication
The Hijab is Elegance
The Hijab is Confidence
The Hijab means and breeds respect
The Hijab is a form of Protection
The Hijab brings you closer to Allah
It's not just an headscarf but a medium of breeding blessings upon you
It's soo much more than an headscarf we all need to know and acknowledge the greatness that comes from wearing the hijab



For me it is expression of love! The level of love between you and Allah swt is so strong enough that you control your nafs and you do not care about this duniya. You cover yourself to make your appearance THAT ALLAH SWT LOVES. When i was seeking love for Him the first thing i asked was hijab! Alhumdulillah ! May Allah swt bless every muslim sister with this blessing of hijab.



The hijab is a symbol of modesty is something that is very important to me. I feel proud to be wearing hijab everyday when I see other women wear it in public places because it shows that this person as women feel confident in their own skin and not afraid to show her faithful. It is so protect your notions of separation, protection, and covering in both literal and metaphorical sense.



The whole point of the hijab is sacrifice, we were hijab because Allah commanded of us to hide our beauty. And yes hijab is just more than the head covering hijab is the modesty of both the physical body as well as verbally and mentally. A hijabi is a woman who not only covers her beauty, she is a woman whom shys from the sins and the eyes of the Shaytan. She is the physical embodiment of what Islam commands of woman, a physical representation of Islam. Which is why we should wear it with pride and happiness that Allah has entrusted this of us! Ramadan Mubarak.



it is a symbol of modesty and piety, and a way to show respect for islamic religion. It is also seen as a way to protect women from unwanted attention or harassment and also a way to uphold the islamic principle of modesty.



I started to wear hijab as i were 10. I was proud to have worn it and still be . It’s my crown 👑 my identity , i see myself in it. Hijab ist my protection and my representation as a muslim.



Hijab is so beautiful.. When having on your hijab in a big crowd guess what people look at you with respect they come up to you and say you look so graceful and the light of on your face is so warm.. So hijab is special if outside not wearing one you must have the feeling of emptiness or nakedness half dressed, etc.. So the meaning of hijab is actually so heart warming to one's soul 🙏Alhandulillah 🙏



Salam alaikum all. Listen, it's not what we think it is. It's what Allah subhanahu wa ta ala said & commanded. We cover for modesty of course and we are visibly muslim. One thing I hope sisters & brothers could learn is that it's just not a hijab it's all the clothing from head to toe that's make it proper of what Allah subhanahu wa ta ala told us how to cover. May Allah subhanahu wa ta ala make it easy for all of us inshallah ya Raabi Ameen.



The Hijab does not cover up a girls weaknesses, but in fact displays her strength, commitment and her confidence which is built out of love for Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala, and not for the love of this dunya.



Hijab is not just obaying Allah for our protection, its much more beyond it. Its a dedication and sacrifice to show how strong our iman is. In this world of distraction with modern outfits and beauty products we need 100% self control to sacrifice everything for the sake of Allah .



Wearing the hijab is a deeply personal choice that embodies a woman's commitment to her faith, identity, and values. It's a symbol of strength, dignity, and empowerment, allowing women to navigate the world with grace and self-respect. Beyond its physical presence, the hijab serves as a shield against objectification and a means of asserting control over one's body and image. It's a beautiful expression of individuality and spiritual fulfillment, guiding women on a path of inner peace and authenticity.



The hijab is more than just a dress code, it encompasses modest behaviours, manners and speech. It shows the inner humility of a human through the etiquette of hijab. It is a veil that shows our modesty and is a token of our freedom and rights, and most importantly, it’s my identity.



For me, wearing my hijab is about return. Returning to my culture, customs and traditions. Being a daughter of prophet Izhak, peace be upon him, and returning to my way by prophet Musa, peace be upon him, is everything to me now. We have been scattered and lost for a long time. Now returned to wear my crown and having my beauty restored both inwardly and outwardly I give Ya Allah praise. Alhamduallah....



Assalam walaikum!!! Hijab is not just a piece of fabric its the guidance from our lord!! Hijab is the true representation of love, beauty and elegance!! Wearing hijab makes us realise our responsibility as a muslimah. Every muslimah looks like a queen while wearing hijab! People might think Muslim women's are oppressed but we know we are not!! Muslim women's are incomplete without hijab. Whenever I wear hijab I feel like Allah himself is protecting me from this dunya!! And if your wear hijab that means Allah loves you and he is guiding you through the right path!! This generation has some so called Beauty standards which we Muslim women's don't follow because we live for akhira not for dunya!! Walking down a street while being Fully covered, where no-one can see your aura is another level of happiness isn't it? It is!!! In the world where women choose being Be-haya I choose Haya!!! Hijab makes us feel powerful, confident and so much more!! During summer season when a muslimah wear hijab , whenever she sweat it is written as a reward!! May Allah guide each and every women to the right path!! May Allah bless every women with hijab (guidance). And a kind note to all my sisters that please don't be ashamed while wearing hijab because you are here to please Allah not people!! You are doing an amazing job, you look like a queen while wearing hijab!! Allah is watching your efforts and he love's you for every good act you do!!!



A hijab is more than just a part of my dress,
It's a sign of my faith, a way to express.
It's not just a cloth that covers my hair,
It's a symbol of respect, love and care.
It's a shield, a guard, a cover,
Showing respect for self and others.
It's a mark of my identity,
A sign of my faith and dignity.
A hijab is not just what you see,
It's about being the best I can be.
It's not about hiding, but about pride,
In my faith, my belief, my stride.
So, when you see me in my hijab, know,
It's my faith, my choice, my way to show,
That I am proud of who I am,
A strong, faithful, Muslim woman.



The hijab for me is an expression of my identity and deep respect for my faith and traditions. In it I find my strength, confidence and dignity, it protects my intimacy and creates an atmosphere of inner peace. Hijab is not just a fabric, it is part of my identity, my identity, which I wear with pride and respect for my faith and culture.



A hijab was not and will never be a "burden". Its a divine order and a blessing to our mortal beings. Its not only meant for women, but the whole world. Even though the type might not be the same. Allah (a.w.j.) has decreed it upon us mortals for our protection and solace. And He the greatest, hides all beautiful things. Jannah, and women, thank you!



Hijab is not just a fabric or a head covering. It is to express modesty and faith. In the Quran it states that “And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, etc. You do it to please Allah and no one else.



Wearing the hijab is a beautiful expression of faith and modesty. It symbolizes a deep connection to one's beliefs and values, while also serving as a form of empowerment and identity. It's like wearing your faith proudly and embracing your individuality in a unique and meaningful way.



Wearing your hijab isn't just about covering up, but it's also about the way you talk, the way you act, and the way you carry yourself. Hijab is about re defining what beauty is. Wearing a hijab isn't just about wearing a scarf on your head then there whatever right clothing you want, it's about wearing the full hijab with an abaya. Weather you choose to wear a jilbab, abaya and hijab, or abaya and a khamir set, remember when you, Allah loves you the most in that state and you are doing this for the sake of Allah. Remember modesty is elegance, and you all look like queens wearing it.



Wearing a hijab is a way to show what you are willing to sacrifice in order to please Allah. Hijab also is not about covering your hair or body but it is about being a better person when it comes to treating people. Being a hijabi is a huge responsibility; this is because you are representing Islam. Hijab is a must and it is mentioned in the Quran. Please don’t be scared to wear the hijab, but be happy that god loves you and gave you a very important job in Islam to influence people. You may be the reason people convert to Islam or even wear a hijab.



I started wearing the hijab at 10 yrs old because I saw a couple of muslim girls and I wanted to try it so I did but I only wore it to school, to be with them but then I started to stop wearing it and when I was 17 I started to wear it for me to grow more and learn more about my religion and now I'm 18 and I found out that it's about growing stronger to Allah (swt) and more to my faith and it was meant to protect me, knowing that made me wanna wear it more I wouldn't say I know everything or the meaning out it that much now but I am learing still that it's not only about just the hijab and its about clothing as well and it's not only about covering your beauty I guess it's also about not having to feel insecure about anything and to know that the person that loves wouldnt just be about my looks.



The hijab, an integral part of Muslim women's identity, carries profound symbolism and significance that transcends its outward appearance. Rooted in the teachings of Islam, the hijab is a manifestation of faith, embodying principles of modesty, humility, and obedience to God's commandments. It serves as a visible expression of our devotion to Islam, symbolizing our submission to the divine will and our commitment to living a righteous life.
Beyond its religious connotations, the hijab also holds cultural and social importance within Muslim communities. It reflects a sense of belonging and cultural heritage, connecting us to our roots and traditions passed down through generations. Through the hijab, we honor the values instilled by our ancestors and uphold the rich tapestry of Islamic culture and customs.
Moreover, the hijab serves as a symbol of empowerment and agency for Muslim women. Contrary to misconceptions, wearing the hijab is a conscious choice made by individuals who assert their right to self-expression and autonomy. It enables us to reclaim our bodies and identities from societal scrutiny and objectification, affirming our dignity and worth beyond superficial appearances.
In today's world, where Muslim women face stereotypes and discrimination, the hijab becomes a form of resistance against prejudice and bigotry. It challenges societal norms and expectations, advocating for inclusivity and acceptance of diverse expressions of faith and identity. By proudly wearing the hijab, we defy stereotypes and assert our right to practice our religion freely in accordance with our beliefs.
Ultimately, the hijab is a deeply personal and nuanced aspect of Muslim women's lives, reflecting their spirituality, culture, and individual journey of self-discovery. It encapsulates the complexities of navigating faith, identity, and belonging in a diverse and ever-changing world, serving as a symbol of resilience, strength, and unwavering commitment to our beliefs.



I have struggled with this question my whole life until I found the truth 🌼
1. It's the command of our creator, so we have to obey Him.
2. Hijab is not just a piece of cloth, it's the representation of a true Muslim.
3. Hair is the beauty of a woman, and Allah SWT made us women precious. We cannot even compare how precious we are, even with a diamond💎, so we are to be protected, and not everyone has the right to see our beauty, it's only for our mahrams.
4. When you are wearing a hijab, you are wearing an ayah of the Qur'an, and that's an ibadah in itself.



Hijab doesnt just mean a scarf over your head, but it shows the people that we are muslim and that we are proud to be muslim. Because we have so much dedication towards Allah, we are loyal and we give up a desire just for Allah, it gives us lots of strength. it reminds us that we are muslims at all times - not only that, but it guides people by just being present with the hijab. May Allah reward you all with every step you take outside the house with the hijab and for your intention 



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